Remodel Your Bathroom to Suit Your Use of It

One area that most home improvement projects always tackle is the remodeling of the bathroom, a room that is often a haven that gives you your best ‘me’ time. A bathroom must reflect your lifestyle while it gives you all the amenities and comfort that you need.

Start your bathroom remodeling with a proper plan that must be arrived at after talking to everyone that will use the space. Talk about finishes and fixtures and their use, while always keeping in mind a budget. A budget needs to be flexible so that any unexpected expenses are also catered for. Most master bathrooms will have a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub, besides vanities and cabinets. You can always add in a shower, a bidet, or other fixtures that add to the convenience if your bathroom has the space for them.

A bathroom should be remodeled to make it more functional and all plans must keep the use of the bathroom in perspective. Any fixtures and fittings that you put in after the remodel must be those that are easy to use and maintain, and if you get them to also conserve and save water, you will be doing your bit for the environment. Customize your bathroom so that it is not only fully functional but keeps your lifestyle and house decor in mind at all times. Make sure that your cabinets are designed more for the storage that you need and not for aesthetics alone.

You need to keep in mind the space that you have in your bathroom and the location of the drainage and piping in it, as if you require you to make changes in them, this can be both messy and costly. You need to manage any changes that you make, within the space that you have and be realistic about what you can do within these parameters.

Every bathroom will have a sink, tub, bath fixtures, and a toilet. To these are added countertops and cabinets that are necessary to make your bathroom more functional. Besides that, you will have to consider the lighting, ventilation, flooring, and wall tiling. It is also worthwhile having the waterproofing of the bathroom looked at before you start any activities for changing anything, whether it is fixtures, fittings, or tiling.

If your remodeled bathroom functions as a wet room, you must make sure that it drains properly so that water runs away quickly after use so that you avoid slipping and falling. Add in anti-slip flooring and other grips and handles that can make your bathroom elderly-friendly. Exhaust fans must be installed to help in removing moisture. An inlet valve instead of a toilet tank can help to reduce the noise in a bathroom.

Clear glass doors for a bathtub & shower combo will make your bathroom look bigger if used instead of shower curtains. Bigger mirrors will also increase the illusion of space. Overhead lighting is very important in a remodeled bathroom, though over the sink, you must have lighting that eliminates shadows on faces.